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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Retreat to Park City, UT

Park City, UT 2013

My in laws decided to pack up and head west about a year or so ago. After building their dream house, the now live full time in Park City, UT. Tough life living in such a beautiful place. Last week, Jeff and I went out for a week. This is great timing for us because Jeff enjoys skiing with his parents, while the slopes are not so crowded. It is the week of the Sundance film festival so people are engaged with movie going and star spotting. I saw Nicole Kidman!

I dont ski. Not just because I am pregnant right now, but because I just don't. Yes, I have tried and no I am not good at it and I do not like it and NO, I don't want you to teach me. I am perfectly fine shopping, or eating, or lounging, or blogging or snow shoeing or doing anything else.

Jeff skied 3 or 4 days while we were there and he also worked a few days remotely so he wouldn't have to use so much vacation time. If you follow me on Instagram (@starstylist), you probably saw my pics of our adventures. Here are some....

There was plenty of wildlife spotting. Here is one of my daily deer photos
and the elk, which I really wanted video of but this quick Instagram shot out the car window was all I could get:( I really wanted a snow bunny shot but I only saw them at night.
I captured some fun shots of Baby Jeff. What a cutie! Right?
We got our baby his first Sundance Film Fest t-shirt. He can't wear it until he is about 2 but thats cool. It  is his souvenir from his first time there. We had tickets to more but we managed to make it to see 2 movies. One very weird one  (Two Mothers) and one very hilarious one (Austen-land).
I managed to keep on my workout schedule and even stuck to my January Workout goal (you saw this video right?) to mix it up with at lest one strength day, one yoga day and one day of swimming a 1/2 mile. How dedicated am I? So dedicated that I swam here. Yep, its heated and didn't seem like the worst idea until I had to get out:). So far I haven't missed a week yet!
I did some blogging and some Vlogging, yeah thats what us cool kids call video blogging. I did one on my 1 minute (out the door FAST) face, that is here.  And I also did one for my March Money Making Makeup Artist workshop, that is here.  By the way, I really need some help getting the word out on this so anyone who wants to share it and help would really make me happy, hint hint! I also did one on my must have products for winter so stay tuned for that one!

You know I LOVE anything S'mores. Some people only make s'mores when they go camping. I am of the belief that this treat can be enjoyed indoors, like this...
Before we left, I decided that it was time to learn to use this camera that I had bought 3 years ago. It is very fancy and has lots of bells and whistles but I needed some instruction to be able to put it to use. My friend, Julie, who took those lovely photos from our gender reveal party, gave me a lesson before we left. I promised that I would put some of her teachings into action and practice.

I even took it out on the day that I convinced Jeff to go snow shoeing with me. Now, I have only been once, which was last year with Casey (who was 7 months pregnant at the time). Casey and I went on a short little "snow walk", which is what I thought Jeff and I were doing. Instead, we trudged a few miles thru the golf course and I swear it was uphill both ways. I could have sworn I was going to die out there. Thankfully, I had my phone and called my father in law to come and pick us up because there is no way I was going to make it back home. 

Here are some of the non-iPhone photos that I took....what do you think?
little too close!
thats better!
Snow Walking with Moses

Just practicing with some things lying around.

Here is some video of our snow-shoeing past and present. We like to have a good time:)

Our next visit to Park City will be in the summer, which is a bit more my speed. I won't be pregnant then and will have the grandparents on hand as babysitters, so I plan to really have some adult fun. I will probably be moving more quickly and breathing less heavily then. I hope.

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  1. Em, these are gorgeous!! We need to set up our next "lesson" where I can give you a little further instruction, but you did amazing! Look at you, little budding hobbyist photographer you!